We like it moist – how about you?

Moist is (almost) always better.

That’s why your Herbal Mixes should be slightly moist aswell.

To achieve the right moisture, you can use a hydrostone. This 100% natural terracotta stone can be put into water for 1-2 minutes and then placed next to your desired herbs to moisturize them again. This helps for a nicer texture and smoother aromatic experience.

Hydrostones can be re-used indefinitely.

Attention: To prevent mouldiness, the moist hydrostone should be removed from the herbs the next day. Also, open the jar/tin with the freshly moistened herbs regularly in the beginning.

Hydrostone Tabakbefeuchter im Blatt-Design


Hydrostone Tabakbefeuchter

Zum Befeuchten von Kräutermischungen und Tabak.
Aus unbehandeltem Terrakotta-Ton.

Achtung: Um Schimmelbildung zu vermeiden, den nassen Hydrostone nie länger als 2 Tage bei den Kräutern/Tabak liegen lassen. Gefäß mit befeuchteten Kräutern/Tabak regelmäßig lüften.

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